Forbrain Bone Conduction Audio Biofeedback Headset


Use your voice to boost your brain!
Improve your speech, fluency, memory, focus, coordination, and many other sensory functions, resulting in several adjustments in the psychological (cognitive skills) /emotional domain in just a few uses with Forbrain.
The audio-feedback headset with bone audio transmission improves your pronunciation, speech flow, and your rhythm while speaking for clearer and more effective communication through specially developed mental & sound therapy.
Forbrain helps children and adults to improve their language and learning skills with audio-vocal workouts by the TOMATIS method.
Forbrain is the first evidence-based technology that can be used by individuals at home. It has become the solid “bridge” in the gaps between sessions in practice and life at home.


Forbrain audio feedback headset is a unique headset that helps your brain to process sensory information more effectively. Forbrain works simultaneously on all parts of the audio-vocal loop and gives the nervous system an excellent sensory workout. It provides a different kind of mental biofeedback training.

Based on years of sound therapy research, Forbrain can improve:
Speech: Speaking into the microphone, you’ll hear your voice very clearly, slightly modified by the filter which will highlight high frequencies.
“Bright sounds”: Hearing your improved voice will naturally enhance your speech to become more resonant and harmonious.
Attention, concentration, and memory: The unexpected contrasts in the voice keep the brain on constant alert and increase your attention level. Bone conduction facilitates your ability to retain the message. Even children from the age of 3 can already train their memory and language with the Forbrain.

How it works

Forbrain audio feedback headset functions as an audio-vocal workout. The moment you speak, this unique device corrects the sound of your voice via a dynamic filter. The sounds are immediately transmitted back to you by bone conduction, that is, by vibration through the bones situated in front of the ears. This type of transmission is 10 times faster than air transmission and of far better quality. It is the most natural way to hear yourself. Bone conduction, therefore, enables you to hear your voice in a very clear and natural way. You won`t hear any echo, but you will hear your voice differently.

Air and bone conduction comparison

It is proposed here that Forbrain may indeed induce neuroplastic changes in the central nervous system by at least two independent but related neural mechanisms:

  1. Challenging the audio-vocal loop through the modified speech signal leads to an enriched acoustic environment yielding auditory plasticity, and
  2. by forcing a series of executive mechanisms of attention control to cope with the involuntary attention signals triggered by the mismatching speech inputs.

The final outcome of all these processes may be the reinforcement of the executive mechanisms of attention control, resulting in better concentration, stronger resistance to distracters, improvements in working memory capacity, and the feeling of being more focused.

Dynamic filter

Forbrain - Audio vocal loop

By using Forbrain audio feedback headset you will perceive your own voice filtered and modulated by a frequency-modifying filter. This filter is dynamic, meaning it continually activates and de-activates depending on the sounds you are uttering. It is programmed to amplify high frequencies and soften low frequencies, and is triggered by the initial articulation of words and by the pronunciation of long vowels. It highlights the so-called ‘bright sounds’ which play a very significant role in language development. This extremely sensitive dynamic filter enables you to hear your corrected voice. Consequently, your speech will be improved spontaneously and without conscious effort, and your voice will become more rhythmic, more resonant, and more harmonious.

Auditory feedback loop

Forbrain corrects the way you hear your own voice leading to better speech production and increased confidence.
These benefits can be achieved with the Forbrain during workouts with only 20 minutes a day for 6 weeks.

For what is Forbrain useful? Who can benefit from Forbrain use?


Forbrain for child

For Children
Children love wearing Forbrain. They feel like rock stars onstage. Homework, reading, and speaking efforts become fun and productive sessions. They learn much easier and much faster.

Forbrain - Student and adultsFor Teenagers and Adults
Read a book or your lesson out loud; prepare for your exams, a presentation, or an interview; even sing your favorite songs or chat with friends. Forbrain helps you stay focused and integrate the information with ease.

Forbrain for SeniorFor Seniors
Forbrain is an excellent brain training program to maintain awareness, focus, and dynamism. Many seniors can’t resist using it daily as they perceive their voice more clearly and with greater sensitivity to its characteristics. After using Forbrain, some have even discovered new verbal hobbies like singing!

Thousands of clinicians and educators endorse Forbrain. They are using it in many types of interventions including the following.

Indication for use

I. For Optimal Performance – 20 min 3 times per day
1. In vocal coaches/singing
2. To prepare an oral presentation
3. To memorize a text or a speech
4. To work on homework and exams
5. To improve dynamism and self-confidence

II. For speech skills overall development
1. In early age – 10 min per day
• to improve pronunciation
• solve speech difficulties
2. In kids 5-15 years old – 15 min per day – to solve
• concentration and attention difficulties
• reading difficulties
• working memory difficulties
• pronunciation and speech difficulties
3. In teenagers and adults – 20 min per day
• speech and oral presentation difficulties
• lack of confidence
• lack of energy
• poor timbre and vocal quality
• rhythm-related difficulties
• singing out of tune
4. In elderly persons – 30 min per day
• lack of energy
• lack of memory
• speech and fluency difficulties

If you are having therapy or receiving professional support, the Forbrain audio feedback headset can be a complementary tool, easy to combine with the other work/therapy you are doing.

III. In case of Special Education Needs
1. ADHD/ADD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorders) – 10 min per session, especially when it is necessary to listen to multiple-step instruction
• lack of attention and concentration
• high level of distractibility
• necessity to keep children focused, present, and on tasks
2. ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder)
• Autism,
• Asperger‘s Syndrome,
• Down Syndrome
3. Learning Disabilities
• Dyslexia,
• Poor reading,
• Poor memory, etc
4. Speech and Language Disorders
• Speech delay,
• Apraxia,
• Aphasia
5. Sensory and Auditory Processing Disorders
6. Brain injuries and brain diseases

Audio-vocal loop

Forbrain audio feedback headset is a unique headset that helps your brain to process sensory information more effectively.
By correcting the perception of your voice, the way you speak is corrected naturally and without conscious effort.
This is known as the audio-vocal loop effect.
Forbrain audio feedback headset works simultaneously on all parts of the audio-vocal loop and gives the nervous system an excellent sensory workout.

Improving Attention

Forbrain creates variations in voice perception, that put the brain in a state of alertness, increasing:
• Attention Span
• Sensory Integration
• Energy and Awareness

Our ability to sustain attention depends on the general state of alertness and vigilance enabling the nervous system to be receptive to all forms of incoming information. However, to function optimally the brain requires stimuli, and the majority of these are received via the ear. Forbrain audio feedback headset works on this state of cortical alertness by favoring the transmission of the higher frequencies of the voice which have an extremely important energizing function. The dynamic filter also creates variations in voice intensity and resonance, the effect of which is to continually surprise the brain, thus keeping it in a state of alertness. The purpose of this is to help strengthen these automatic mechanisms of change detection and adjustment, thus enhancing our attention level.

Improving Speech

Forbrain enhances the fundamental sounds of spoken language by improving the:
• Auditory Discrimination
• Phonological Awareness
• Sound Articulation and Fluency
Speech is characterized by a complex chain of articulated sounds which are arranged in a very specific rhythmic pattern. This rhythm is based on the amplitude and the duration of the emitted sounds and on the emphasis given to each. Speech depends on our ability to consciously generate these sounds. Managing this requires a continual adjustment between the sounds we give out and what our ear perceives mainly via bone conduction. This is known as phonological awareness. By amplifying the fundamental sounds of spoken language and favoring their perception via bone conduction, the Forbrain audio feedback headset facilitates our ability to speak and communicate fluently.

Improving Memory

Forbrain highlights the rhythm of speech and enhances our ability to retain messages by helping to improve:
• Verbal Memory
• Focus and Concentration
• Reading and Writing

Memory plays an essential role in all learning processes, beginning with the reading. It is mainly our short-term memory, also known as phonological memory, which enables us to store verbal information for rapid analysis. It is the verbal memory that we use when reading a text, and it enables us to make sense of the text and structure it with punctuation and rhythm. It is also what enables us to hold a conversation and follow a line of reasoning. Verbal memory is linked to awareness of articulation in speech, in other words, to the level of attention focused on the message given out and received.
The Forbrain audio feedback headset filter highlights the rhythm of speech, and bone conduction facilitates its integration, thus enhancing our ability to retain the message.


• Bone conduction headphone
• Very sensitive microphone
• Dynamic filter to create a perceptive contrast
The voice is simultaneously picked up by the microphone, processed by the dynamic filter in order to induce a perceptive contrast, and transmitted by bone conduction on each side of the temporal bone.

How to wear it

Place the wraparound headband behind your neck with the transducers resting on the bone in front of your ears, not on your ears! The microphone should be placed in front of your mouth with a minimum distance of 3 cm (1,2 inches).
Don’t put the microphone too close to your mouth, it could create some feedback!!

Position the headset

1. Turn on the device using the ON/OFF switch
2. Position the frame behind the head and above the neck
3. Position the earphones on the bones situated in front of the ear
4. Adjust the microphone so it is 3cm from the mouth and slightly to the right
To use Forbrain, just speak normally into the microphone. Not too loud, not too quietly, as if you were talking to another person.


Speaker Type – dual suspension bone conduction
Sensitivity – 100 ± 3 dB
Microphone type – back electret condenser
Sensitivity – -60 dB ± 3 dB
Playback time – up to 6 hours
Charging time – around 3 hours (with USB cable)
Weight – 50 g
Color – black with blue transducer pads
Carton size – 190 x 165 x 63 mm
Bone conduction headphone
Very sensitive microphone
Dynamic filter to create a perceptive contrast

The voice is simultaneously picked up by the microphone, processed by the dynamic filter in order to induce a perceptive contrast, and transmitted by bone conduction on each side of the temporal bone.

How to charge it

Connect Forbrain to a standard USB port on your PC or a wall charger via the USB charging cable. Forbrain will fully charge in 3 hours. The LED Indicator will show solid red when charging and will turn solid blue when charging is completed.
LED Indication
Solid Blue – normal working mode
The blue light goes out and power off – the battery is too low
Solid Red – headphone is being charged
The red light goes out – charging complete